Janet was very professional, patient, honest and helpful in preparing our home for sale. We were impressed with her excellent communication, efficient use of emails and she explained every step of the process very well.

Kirsten & Julius H.

Janet handled our transaction with the utmost professionalism and integrity. She offered sound, credible advice, worked swiftly to resolve complicated legal issues and executed a very creative and attractive marketing campaign. Janet did all this with grace and was always in control.

Janet's well-honed instincts with respect to market conditions enabled us to obtain 98% of our asking price, a selling price that was a record for the neighbourhood.

Terry D.

From our first encounter, I felt Janet has delivered nothing less than excellent service. She was never pushy or aggressive. I felt like I was given a lot of factual information that helped me make an educated decision. Janet went above and beyond what I have ever seen from a Realtor. I can easily say I would never settle for less again because Janet has "raised the bar".

Niki F.

Janet is knowledgeable and personable. She didn't hesitate to help us even before we approached her to sell our house. She is smart, accommodating and a perfectionist. We had such a great experience dealing with Janet. We will definitely be recommending Janet to our family and friends. 

Caroline & Brian K.

Janet was a real pleasure to work with. She understood what I was looking for and she jumped on things and made it happen She was always looking out for my interest and this is what it is all about.

Greg M.

Janet is friendly and always considerate of our time. She is knowledgeable and confident and we felt she had our best interests in mind throughout the process. We were very impressed with Janet and would definitely recommend her to our family and friends.

Jonathan F & Barbara B.

Janet was extremely professional and made us feel very comfortable right from the beginning. Janet has become a wonderful family friend. We will never forget how caring she was throughout the whole process.

Sue & Stu C.

Despite taking a full year before pouncing on our dream home that suddenly came on the market, Janet was always patient, encouraging and never pushy. She remained in contact with updates, suggestions or just a friendly hello, establishing a trusting relationship.

When it was time to sell our home and the pressure was intense, Janet remained perfectly calm, in control and professional.

It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Janet and we felt like a team. Thank you so much!

Brent A. & Anita N.